About me

In 2005, I chose to study journalism because I wanted to improve our society by finding stories that can make a difference. On my way, I discovered graphic journalism, a professional field that unites two of my biggest interests: design and storytelling. This was what made me apply in 2009 for an internship at El Mundo, one of the biggest newspapers in Spain and one of the best talent pools of infographists.  There I had the marvelous opportunity of working with some of the best graphic journalists of Spain such as Juantxo Cruz or Emilio Amade. They taught me the craft and showed me that no matter the size of a chart or an illustration, all graphics are important and how both of them inform and attract the readers’ eyes.

At El Mundo, I also discovered 3D illustrations and animations, and after finishing my internship I decided to pursue a master in 3D Animation. To stay in connection with the journalistic world, I continued working for El Mundo, this time as a collaborator. This opened up the opportunity for working as a freelancer for other clients, each one of them with different necessities, goals, and personalities. I worked for Cinco Días, a financial newspaper; Civio, a foundation that works to promote transparency in Spain; for Hotwire Spain, a communication agency that manages brands such as Amazon, Campo Viejo or Telefonica; or for Jobs & Son (now, The Lab Media), a very small advertising agency that had just been created and that was specialized in social media and digital design. I did infographics, interactive graphics, illustrations, newsletters, managed social media, created websites, developed user flows and wireframes, and much more. Being a freelancer taught me how to be resourceful with my time, how to develop different styles depending on the work at hand and, especially, how to manage jobs in which different people and skills take part.

However, for me, nothing was as fulfilling as working at El Mundo or Cinco Días. That experience made me realize how much I enjoy working in media and doing graphic journalism. It also gave me the final push to apply for the Fundacion La Caixa Scholarship ­—one of the most important in Spain— to pursue a master in data visualization in North America. Between August 2015 and May 2017, I completed an MFA in Information Design and Visualization at Northeastern University, in Boston (MA, USA). I learned what JavaScript was, I became a proficient user in D3.js, made data visualizations with P5.js and improved my skills in design.

I wanted my master´s thesis to be as useful for designers as for journalists that do data visualizations. Therefore, I decided to focus my research topic on how to use motion depending on the communication goals. My thesis application, a data visualization about the evolution of Swimming World Records, was awarded a Silver award at the Kantar Information Is Beautiful Awards, in the category of Sports, Games & Leisure.

Afer my graduation, I worked as a Data Visualization Specialist at the MIT Senseable City Lab, in Cambridge, MA, under the mentorship of Carlo Ratti. The laboratory is specialized in big data and urban planning and, therefore, doing data analysis and GIS were daily tasks. My job was to develop data visualizations that helped my colleagues in their research process and communicate the results of the lab´s projects to a general public. . I was part of the Roboat project (still in progress), where I visualized how boat traffic changed during a day in the canals of Amsterdam; of the SNCF team that studies how people move inside the station Gare de Lyon in Paris; and I had the amazing task of doing a video and a website for a research project about optimizing mobility in New York that got published in Nature! Every day there was a new challenge, something new to learn.

At the moment, I am part of the Visual Journalism team at the BBC. I work with the Data Journalism team doing infographics and data visualizations. There are stories hidden in big datasets, waiting to be understood, visualized, and communicated. I want to find these stories and I want to empower people with the information they provide.

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